How we work

As much as we value great creative, we also know that delivering on expectations is equally as vital. We are a process oriented production company and have a series of steps and key points that have been developed from many years of production experience. The great work that clients trust us to produce for them is borne out of a keen understanding of strategy and commercial intention – and how this informs the creative approach.

The concept is as important as the execution and we pride ourselves on working closely with our clients from the very outset. We often contribute to or indeed formulate the project brief – and our expertise can be relied upon from the germination of an idea onward.

Once we’ve devised an approach that resonates, we’ll diligently take this forward into a detailed pre-production meeting during which we’ll go through the blue print for the film. This forms the “brain” of any ESA production.

During the production phase a bespoke team will be brought together to ensure that any and all projects, whether film, animation or motion graphics are completed with minimum fuss and maximum effect.

We’re aware that solid post-production is a critical part of any successful project and at this stage our clients are kept fully up to speed – often joining us for attended edits at our offices or indeed at the client’s own offices.

Nothing leaves ESA until it’s exactly what we promised our clients it would be. Beyond project delivery, the support continues.